The ever confusing world of scrabble and men.

People, mainly women, talk of chivalry being dead and what not. I myself get tired of searching and sifting through potential suitors. I’ve dabbled on Tinder, where I have had many a horrible date, thus ending my time there. After enough stupid experiences of, “Is this the part where I’m supposed to get the door for you?” I have given up on the search for a guy. Should one decide to open the door for me without a sarcastic comment, then sure, I’m open to the idea (see what I did there?).

I have taken to filling my time with Words with Friends. And my, have I filled some time. Its woefully hard to get your friends to play Scrabble’s Diamond Edition with you as often as you’d like. Or at all. So I have recently discovered this wonderful play ground of constant Scrabble. While the rules on this app piss me off more than any game should (“un” is a prefix, not a word, yet somehow it counts! Wtf.) I still play it like a psychopath.

Yet, somehow, stereotypical men still find a way to be stereotypical even just playing Scrabble. I have had to resign from many a game just to avoid the “Where do you live? Are you married?” bombardments. One of these is innocent enough, but multiple questions usually answered by my silence are a tad much. Resigning a game means you forfeit. You lose. I HATE to lose. I am a terrible loser. And winner, for that matter.

Today’s takes the cake. Having been playing this game for a couple days with another Viriginian (you can play with ‘community’ players-aka, people from your state) we made idle small talk for the first day. Him saying I was beautiful only seemed weird because there are two people in my picture, but otherwise, nice-ish.

Day 2:


So here we are. Scrabble turned into weirdo. Maybe I was harsh. I feel that since this is not a dating app and that I have answered with short, mildly curt, answers why in the world would anyone pursue a jack ass like I was being? The fact that a girl can’t play a game of scrabble without being harassed is just ridiculous.

I do still believe in chivalry, however small a number still practice it. Hopefully haunting bookstores will land me a movie worthy meet-cute and all will be right in my world.


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