Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and Paloma by Carbon Leaf tell you just about everything about me that my posts don’t.

I’m recently rediscovering myself and am no longer on a hunt for “the perfect man,” but the perfect me. Writing connects us and my WordPress family gets me through.

Wild, messy, kind, and a little bit lost, I write what I’m feeling whether they like it or not.




66 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting!
    It’s always good to be real and say how you feel, let not the mouth of mortal man feed the words you convey!
    That’s ok. I sometimes get carried away, but more to the point you are doing fine and generate interest.
    Thanks for reading my poem, best wishes!

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      1. I won’t like a whole song unless I like both. There are many songs that sound good at first, and then…. yikes….

        Then there’s lyrics without music. That’s what we write! I think it’s called poemetry, or something.

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      2. There are plenty of songs with great lyrics and so-so music. I usually find covers of those songs on YouTube that I like more than the original πŸ™‚ Madelyn Bailey and Boyce Avenue are my favorite cover artists!

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      3. I’m into modern folk-ish stuff. The civil wars, hozier, lumineers…I also have to go with my girl side say I love Sara Bareilles more than just about anything πŸ™‚


  2. Your post about toxic people is very true re control and what they do when they can’t control you. There is someone in my family just like that, and some of my ‘Reflections’ poems (‘Blood’) reflect that (though the person/s in question don’t know I’m a writer under a pseudonym!)

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I’ll check it out! Staying above it is a new thing for me over the past 3 years. I’ve realized toxic people are morbidly unhappy with themselves and it isn’t a reflection of me.

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      1. Absolutely tight. stay positive. Be you and don’t conform to their prejudices. Some of my books (Reflections) have verses about such issues. Please also explore my other posts here, some of which are extracts from my books; ‘Posted Notes are for this blog, and will be put into a book in the future’.

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  3. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I just read your post” Mother Knew”…mother’s DO always know. It is just hard to accept that knowing sometimes.
    I really enjoy your blog!


  4. Unashamed sarcasm and hilarity?! Love it. I’ve got myself into soooo much trouble at times…I’m trying to be a little more sensitive πŸ™‚
    Have loved what I’ve read so far! Thanks so much for liking one of my poems, so appreciate it.

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  5. Thanks for visiting and liking my recent blog post. Very much appreciated. I love what you’re doing on your blog, and really like your short little titles (especially the “.” at the end of each title) πŸ™‚ Thanks

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  6. So the guy that obviously did you wrong and you spoke your mind and it seemed like you needed it…. You turn it around and put it on you. Why? Don’t think that you speaking your mind is hurting him bc I’m sure it isn’t and I’m sure you know he’s moved on to someone else by the Way you talk about him.
    Speak your truths like you say don’t apologise for it.


    1. My blogs are not about one person. It might make it confusing for someone who doesn’t know me me, psrsonally, but I don’t need to make it more clear for anyone since I write for me. You may read and judge my actions all you please, that is your right, however, don’t presume to know exactly what is going on in my personal life. These blogs aren’t a blow by blow of what is going on, nor will I make them so. I write what I feel the moment I feel it whether you deem it to be the correct response or not. You read what I write often enough to either like it or like judging it so I take that as a win.


  7. No I’m deffenitly not judging you at all And sorry if it came across that way in love your writing. Just seemed like someone hurt you and you were apologizing for it and you shouldn’t…either way be you like you’ve always been.

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  8. Does he ever see your side of things? and if he does….does he act like he cares? If not then you shouldn’t either. Never doubt yourself or feelings because some guy makes you.


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    your ABOUT is stimulating. will read your blogs often.


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