You are adventure. You are wild trapped inside a body. Hazel eyes that don’t know the word “lie.” A steady handed escape.

You are dim nights tangled up in limbs, intertwined fingers and heavy lunged sighs. You are the smoke from the fire that burns my throat, a risk I’m willing to take.

You are hot summer nights under blankets, sweating bodies and shivers down my spine. Staccato breaths and tangled hair; you are Heaven and Hell combined.

You are laughter so wild my rib cage bursts; strong arms to pull me in, your feral side makes me forget everywhere I’ve been. There’s too little talking for there to be any hurt.

You’re a smile so wide that a face can’t possibly sustain the mirth. You’re tan skin and an octave deeper than the sound from the very core of the Earth.

You’re July, you’re August. You’re hot summer Skies and hazel eyes. You’re naked skin on naked skin, you’re every single moment of summer that has ever been.

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