Little spider with your web, you took so long to catch the flies. Little spider with your web, you think you’re more clever than the lies.

Spin and crawl spin and hide. Hope to catch just one more juicy fly.

Twitch a line, change the length, make it tight to feel your strength. Reel them in, suck their bones, hollow the carcass to feed your soul.

Did you know that bats can fly, they will eat you whole, and alive?

Did you know, little spider, that your web should be in the shadows? Did you think the moonlight wouldn’t show your face? Little spider, you always were one not to use your brain.

Don’t be surprised when bats come ruin your home, eat you alive, it’s what you should’ve known.

Little spider, you wasted a web. Try using your instincts and maybe you won’t look so small and weak, instead.

That little spider feeds the predators because it’s weaves in the open like it can’t be seen. Little spider, so small, so simple, how laughable it turned out to be.

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