When you feel like falling to bits, when you feel like maybe you weren’t made for this, don’t forget you are every detailed bit they are terrified to miss.

When those waves come to drown you just remember you can swim, you can float, you don’t have to let the water in.

When they try to make you feel very small, like you never mattered to them at all, you don’t have to listen. You are allowed to miss them and still turn away. You don’t have to let anyone treat you that way.

Sometimes I feel strong. A force that will wreck down entire cities. Sometimes he makes me feel like I can’t even just be me. Sometimes I feel weak. Like I can’t do the simplest things. It’s been a very long time since I’ve opened my wings.

Just remember when the outside comes calling that you don’t have to answer that number, you don’t have to always answer the door. Star child, you deserve so much more.

Tonight I feel small and the Cosmos too big. I thought I wasn’t alone in this.


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