Quiet, Love, you’ve been hiding in the floor boards. Sweet, Love, you’ve been slipping in and out waiting for Soft Words. You’ve been trying to read the signs.

Dear, Love, you feel so much and it’s who you are. Take you or leave you, there’s nothing else they can do. Your nature is written in the stars.

You cry a lot because your emotions fill up every nook in your being. You feel so deeply for others, the tears leak out, and it isn’t a bad thing to be. You should have been named Empathy.

Darling, Love, you want to embrace every bit of their darkness in hopes it leaks out their own bits of light. Sometimes you try to fix things better left alone, it’s your cosmic kryptonite.

Love, if you’re loved he will let you know. Love, if he loves you he won’t let you go.


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