Where am I supposed to set my worries when the Moon has turned Her glowing back?

Where do I heave my sadness when the man I trusted made me take it all back?

Where do all the doubts go as they collect like waste in the sewers of my mind?

Where can I leave them so I can wash off my body covered in lies?

How do I find solace when there isnt really anything I fear? Death has come, the Moon no longer shows, I was lied to and nothing is really real.

Where is the place my dirty hands can get clean? The Cosmos have left me and a man has turned me mean…where can I wash myself of everything I’ve seen?

Is there a home for me now that I’ve been forsaken by my lifelines? Will there be a safe place once again, forgiveness from the Sky?

Or do the stars keep tumbling down and filling up my throat, promising to drown me, suffocate me in everything I know?


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