Did the Sky conspire against me? Did my safe haven decide I needed to fall? Did the very Moon that I confide in decide I wasn’t worthy of Her love after all?

Small pieces began to fall from my roof crippling the walls. She blew through my windows and ripped through the halls.

She cracked my foundation and I don’t know where to look to at all.

She used to mean safety and somewhere to scream in the dark. Dazzling and bright She was always there, even on the cloudiest night.

She answered with numbers that I see everywhere. She assured me with tarot, the right cards always landed perfectly there.

The very Moon I come to might be throwing me aside. Are the stars themselves purposefully unaligned?

My house is crumbling but She was always there to take the cracks… Has she taken my numbers–my faith–and will She ever give them back?


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