In the darkness of separate beds, hoping a phone lights up to justify the crazy swimming around in heads, I wish he was here instead.

Swallow up the noise of “I’m sorrys,” and gently suffocate them with these pillows. Say you don’t need them, I keep choking and don’t remember how to swallow.

Begging for a soft rap on my door, turn the key, I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

There isn’t a fight to yell on opposite sides. No venom to secrete. Quiet, silence, I just want him to come to me.

Only bad dreams come with sleep. Stay up late waiting for it to forcefully take me. Smother me in lavender sheets. Don’t let me leave. Please come quick, please crawl in to bed with me.

In separate beds that feel galaxies away, I need a text, I need him to stay.


3 thoughts on “Stay.

      1. I’m sorry to hear that, that can be so hard. Hope you’re being kind to yourself.
        How’s the job situation? Did you get the one you wanted? Or is that part of it and I missed something obvious? 🙄

        I’m okay thanks. Not spending so much time online has been good for me.

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