I hope you found peace with all those demons in your head.

You gave me another one to battle with laying here in bed.

Are you safe? Was it kind? Are you still you? Do you know how broken I am in my mind?

Did all the torments finally end for you, wherever you are? Did the monsters finally tame? Do you hear me losing faith in the stars?

I hope the weight you’ve been carrying is gone. I hope you’ve finally figured out those sails. I can’t near the thought of this journey going wrong.

Did you hear the whispers from your sleep? The screams off mountains? Those were me. Do you care at all? Where do all those lost boys end up after the fall?

Where do all all the questions get answered? What mountains do I need to claw through? I’ll rip down the Moon if someone can tell me what to do?

Why did you have to leave and leave all these horrible thoughts of mine to spiral? Who do you think you are letting all of this get tangles?

Where do all the lost boys go?? Why can’t I get the answers and just follow?

I want you to have so much deserved peace. But I want all of you to just be back on earth, I need you here so I can breath.

I’ve never been more broken than the new shattered me.


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