I’ve never had death so close to my front door. She came last night and softly knocked, apologizing that she couldn’t have done more.

She took him during rainy nights. Cool September nights. She closed those green eyes. Now I’m tumbling through the sky.

It’s upside down. It isn’t right. He was nothing but fire and sea foam and fight. She slipped in and took him. He’s gone. Holding in with all my might.

She was kind. She had so many sorrys dripping from her eyes. She wanted him for her own and knew we’d all hate her for stealing our goodbyes.

Strong doesn’t last forever, I learned. A warrior, a soldier, had to go home. He has family he hasn’t seen in years…I hope they make it worth all of these tears.

Take him home, hug him close. I don’t know how his mother will handle letting him go. His brothers must have missed him just like we’ll have to. He has so many brothers in his new forever home.


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