People don’t change. There isn’t a spin that reveals a girl ready for a ball. The white mouse isn’t going to become a steed. We are who we are and it is a lovely thing.

As we learn who we are there are little layers chipped into the years of our lead based paint. We find corners and wallpapers we love and sometimes hate. We always were a finished house with hundreds of new turns to take. Hundreds of layers of paint.

We don’t turn into a hero or a villain. Those characters have always lived in our skin. We find them, we choose them, we discover all the characters within.

I don’t want to be a new person in the morning. I’ll keep chipping away at the paint. I’ll keep remodeling and learning. I don’t want a mouse that becomes a great white steed.

We are who we are and it is the most adventurous thing.


3 thoughts on “Are.

    1. Thanks! I’ve been blocked lately and haven’t had anything good to write so I was happy about this one.
      I’m good! Happy and all! Still trying to get a flight attendant gig 😫 How are you??

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