Bottled Boat.

There is a boat in a bottle sitting on the shelf. A tight cork and a small opening keeps it from getting out.

A layer of dust has settled on the sails. The mast has been straighter and longs to weather the seas gails. 

 If you break the glass the boat might get a gust of salty air. If you let it out, it might realize the horizon was never dusty but it was the glass covered in a dirty layer.

If the boat unfurls the sails and loves the open sea, it doesn’t mean it won’t come back, it’s just not something you get keep. 

Inside a bottle on the shelf isn’t where you keep adventurous things. Wanting a bird doesn’t mean you should clip it’s wings. 

You don’t give them a chance to learn how to navigate the wide world from a jar. When they break out and promise to come back but you yell you don’t want them to go far…

 Sometimes the only way to know who you are–is to grow up a boat that needs to get out of that glass little jar.


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