The world fell together as we fell apart.  It was painful but magic and gave me a fresh start. 

It came together in a hurricane that hurled ships up on beaches, tossed out the skeletons, soaked what I thought I once needed.

It’s okay that you want to walk away, you don’t like who I am and I’ve decided not to change even if that means you don’t stay. 

I’m not upset that you spun such a lovely sham. It was gorgeous at times, but mostly a horrific critique of who I am. 

Sometimes hurricanes just come through. I was ready for this one, I’ve survived them before and knew what to do. Don’t brace too hard or you’ll break your limbs. Don’t care too hard, you’ll just end up resenting him.

I create storms, I don’t sit inside them. I don’t hope for blue skies or fairer weather. I’ve always made the winds and I won’t change for you or any other. 


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