She’s beautiful paint splattered all along the floors and walls. She’s brightly colored blood smattering the doors and halls.

You want to dance and spread the colors. The thick acrylic lust. You want to dip your fingers and paint like you’ve never been hurt by anyone else’s chaos. 

She bleeds out an entire universe that sets in the summer sunlight. She has colors you’ve never heard of that you only discover in the haze of twilight. 

You want to cover your soul in that color. You want to feel it coat your skin. You want her colors to heal you and forget that the those colors let her live.

Dazzled by the sky scape she bleeds along the ground. They scoop and claw to get some paint to spread around. 

They wonder where the colors go. Paint smeared faces and fingers in the mirror. Where did all her colors go? They use up all the paint too quickly and are left in a colorless world blanketed in their blackened fears.


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