When I was young I didn’t think your heart could want for different things or different men. I didn’t know your heart can be stretched so thin.

I never knew I could have different snakes stir inside of me. Different beasts awakened. But I was young;  I was mistaken. 

I never knew the tugs of men on beasts locked in cages. That some can tame while some coax out passionate rages. 

I never knew my heart could be split in two or three or more. I always knew my Beasts were fickle things. I had to keep me safe by keeping them behind locked doors. 

When I was young I never thought there was more than one kind of love. I didn’t know you could have beasts snarling inside of you. I never thought not choosing love was something people sometimes do. 

I never knew that loving the captors and breakers was something hearts could do. I didn’t know that different men stir different beasts. Or that beasts sometimes don’t have the instinct to choose.


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