Almost always.

In case you have forgotten because the world has been shaking lately, I love you.

When I leave it’s because I love me, too.

Because I will always leave. Too many boys are happy on the ground. Content to be sedentary with sameness all around. 

But you, you will be the hardest to leave. You are almost everything to me. You say you’ll come with me but we both know they are empty words. You don’t know what you want so we’ll just settle for the hurt.

In case there is a shadow lurking in your head about me because we are always walking on jagged cracks, I love you more than most things and I will almost always want you back.

But I always leave because the restless compass inside of me. I will always get over everyone but you.  I will almost always want to come back to you.

I leave because I love me more than you. Because I know that you will always be here and exploring is all I know to do.

I will always be madly in love with you. I almost always come back, too.


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