I know you let the lonely seep in. She and I know you never loved her but it’s fun to pretend. 

I know you fell apart and are trying to get back again.  I hope you find out who you are and stop faking like you’ll win. 

She knows she is a back burner simmering in the summer heat.  You’ve always treated women like objects…like things you need.  Things to fight the lonely and to hide the holes.  I know you’re a mess,  I don’t need to be told.  

I miss the the days when I blindly thought I made you whole.  When I thought I made you happy. I don’t think it’s something we’ll ever know. 

You spend too many days fending of dragons in your sleep. You don’t think I’m aware the company you keep. 

Flimsy armor will never be enough for me. I wish you could see the fake you turned out to be. 


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