The Man in the Moon taught her that there are scarier places than the dark. He taught her to live freely and wildly and never to stay too long. 

He taught her to wax and to wane was not a sin; that she could change her phase as much as she needed without feeling shame. 

New Moon she became invisible, hid her light and tried to gain solace from the indigo skies.

She’s a cresent now, trying to peek out and realizing she needn’t bathe in starry lies.

The Man in the Moon taught her to raise and to glow. That you can love the Sun and not be a monster for having to go. 

That its okay to leave when you are being burned. It’s okay to ache when the sky gets cold. It’s okay to change and move, is what she has learned. 

To miss the sun and finally know you cannot be an “us”… to stay would send the world into chaos. 

To be like the Moon and leave your lover to the day…well, it’s earth shattering but the Moon has taught me that it’s not the end of the sky if I don’t stay.

15 thoughts on “Lessons.

  1. I like this a lot, really well done. The word’s “it’s okay to ache” hit home. I find that during tough times, I try to fight my way through aches and pains, agonies of the mind, and it never works- an unstoppable force hitting an immovable object.

    The lesson I have to keep learning is that is okay to just hurt for a time.

    Keep up the good verse.


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      1. Hahaha! Exponents are evil, they can’t be touched by derivation nor integration.
        You seriously need to consider publishing something. It’s good and comprehensive,what I’ve read so far, people will love it.

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