Never there. 

As you try to chip away everything that was me, don’t forget to chip away the parts of you that you don’t want to see. 

Days like today I have to remember why I need to forget. Days like today I musn’t waste tomorrow knowing I wasn’t a thought for you yesterday. Or when we were together. I’ve never been a reason for you to pick me and days like today, I must remember to be better. 

You didn’t show up when I needed you. You didn’t call when I was broken because of you. You’ve never shown up and days like today only prove that it is true. 

Rip off the photos you have taped in your head. Delete my number and swear to yourself I’ll have to call you instead. But days like today test my will. You never showed up for me and I know you never will. I want to call you to remind you of how I smell and feel. I want to call and tell you that you never deserved me or my even keel. 

Days like today when I miss you with all the strength my pieces can bear, I must remember that whenever I need you, when you had me, you were never there.


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