Somewhere the switch was flipped. Caring became indifference. Want became boredom. You are two different people from one message to the next. 

Scour the good and find them in colors you can put in your pocket. Tell me you miss them and remind me of it. 

Of course I remember when I was happy and almost whole. I don’t need reminding of the ruin you caused, widening the hole.  I remember the smell of you on the pillow next to me. Falling asleep to the loud sounds of you breathing. I remember the steady of your arms around me; a solid place to fall when I was in need. I don’t need a picture to remind me. 

I remember those warm pools that felt like a safety net. I remember how it felt when you checked out and left. I don’t need reminding of the choice that you made. You change your mind every other day. 

Somewhere a switch was flipped and you turned off. I turned on. I see it now that you’ve checked out and gone. 


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