A Little Mermaid. 

You have to have your sea legs when you want to set sail. You always said you did but you puked to no avail. You hung green over the rails. The seas won’t let you lie.

I wasn’t ready to leave my tail for legs. I wasn’t ready to settle and stay. I didn’t know I lied until you fell over the side and now I’m just relieved that I tried. 

I tried so hard to be part of your world but the truth is I’m not a landlocked kind of girl. 

I was thrown out with the fish that wouldn’t last, the ones you didn’t think were of use. The ones that couldn’t swim fast. 

I know it doesn’t matter anymore. I know that we both want different shores. I know it doesn’t matter anymore. 

 We were a Hans Christian fairytale. Pretty enough to keep you reading into deep dispair. Where you knew something was off…where the words described her happiness just a little too much. 

Where she fell into sea foam and he never knew. The kind of fairytale where you’d do anything to scream for him what to do. 

But you didn’t have sea legs and men don’t choose women with tails. You didn’t have sea legs and I could do nothing but fail. So I fell into the foam and chose me over you. I fell into the blue. 

I doesn’t matter anymore. The Prince and the girl chose very different shores. 


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