Gone going gone. 

I see all the glitter in the pavement, now. The roads all go away. Some twist and some don’t, but they all know I can’t stay.

There’s a new freedom that’s overwhelming my brain. Lighting snaps through the haze. I’m packing for where the sky doesn’t end and the salt stiffens my hair. There isn’t anything left for me here. Where they left me here. Where they will always be…here. 

I can’t be here. My wings are itchy with confinement. With small hearts and shallow waters. I wasn’t made for puddles made from road dents. 

There is a certain glitter in the pavement that doesn’t end. It lures me and I realize it’s exactly what will keep me from breaking…just bend. 

It’s close to my fingers and I can feel the mermaids swimming close. I’ve been gone too long and I’m finally going home. 


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