Everything I thought I knew changed. I thought I saw a monster foaming on chains. Everything fell into place that once muddled my brain. 

All I saw was me and now I realize you have fallen apart at the seams.  I saw you slipping but I just closed my eyes and hoped. Only you can not let go.  

I realize that I’ve always been strong enough to survive. I realize now that beasts get tamed sometimes. I couldn’t see before, but it just took me some time. 

It wasn’t okay to snarl and claw, but lost souls aren’t always kind.  They snap when they are lost and I have forgotten how to find. 

In the corner of your open cage the gate swings wide. I’ve been selfish and I hope you find a breeze to be your guide. 

I’m sorry, sweet beast, don’t let the world make you too fierce to be alive. You must fight for yourself to do more than just survive.

I see you now and I’m sorry it took so much time.  


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