Gentle Beast.

I know you. The pool isn’t too deep to see.  I know you.  You’re lost and have stopped fighting for anything. 

Empty words from an empty heart, it’s not fuel it needs it’s merely a start. A turn of a key, a flick of a spark, meaning behind the words you don’t speak.

I know you’ve been a lie,  I know I’ve been fooled by a fool, I see you like you’ve never seen me. 

I see you. You don’t scare me like you used to. Your claws have since dulled and your vision has all but faded;  you’re not a beast that can keep being hated. 

You can’t see in the dark, you can’t smell the fresh air.  You lured me in to your abysmal lair. Fool me twice and I take all of the blame. You’re alone now,  with nothing but fear and an old forgotten name. 

Your silence tells me more than a single false truth. I know now that I don’t matter to you.  


5 thoughts on “Gentle Beast.

  1. I’m not unhappy, now. Just disappointed at how things turned out and if I had known it would have been this way…I’d rather have not had it at all. You can’t miss what you didn’t have. But I’m a big girl and okay 🙂 Moving away will help; so you’d better come visit first!


  2. It hurts at the moment, but we need to know some happiness and some pain, because when unimaginable happiness comes your way, you’ll be able to tell the difference. Like the yin and yang, you can only know the light if you know what the darkness looks like. Take care of yourself and happiness will find you when it is meant, and it is always meant.

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