Insanity is repeating the experiment over and over again. Not changing variables, not changing where we’ve been. 

I am the craziest girl I know. I can’t shake you, I don’t know how sober is supposed to be. How many minutes without you until my sobriety shows?

I try to see things over and over again. A broken record sounds deeper than me playing pretend. Reenacting all of the same scenarios as if they haven’t already been.

I keep staving off hits because they say sober is better. I keep trying to forget his drug. I keep holding on to my goodbye letter. 

They say sober is how to be happy but I just don’t know. They say crazy is trying the same thing hoping for a different show. I’ve been driven insane and all for his game; he’s had me he’s lost me, I’m nothing but his junkie. I don’t want to be sober if the shakes keep coming like this.

I’d rather be drugged than this nothing he doesn’t  miss.


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