The raging inferno had been quelled. It wasn’t long until help came from the air.  I finally saved myself. 

I don’t want to drown when I know I can swim.  I’m not mad anymore at him. 

Hurt people need to hurt.  Hurt people need to be first.  Hurt people gather piles and piles of dirt…I’m not mad anymore;  I’m sorry your head is so hurt. 

I’ve been tossed in enough currents to know when to duck the torrential blows. I’ve been fighting long enough to survive you,  you know. 

I hate that you’re trapped in a broken sail boat. You haven’t practiced with enough compasses to navigate this. 

I’m no longer mad,  I’m just disappointed to have let you down again.  I thought you found your way out in me…but my ego got the best and you didn’t want me to be. 

I’m sorry you are lost and I want you to have my map…i never wanted you to go under like that. But you threw me overboard and decided you didn’t need me anymore. 


7 thoughts on “Overboard.

  1. ifinn a true story,

    sadly you´re right, you don´t
    need to struggle
    though those emotions
    anymore, begin anew
    you just may end-up
    with the boy next-door…

    Sorry got a little carried away…


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