Strong girls. 

You reminded me about your storm. I’d forgotten how your anger takes a frightening form…

I forgot that I am not allowed to feel anything but agreeable. If I’m sad or hurt I don’t get to see you. If I’m angry and want to speak my piece, I’m “too much” to deal with and silence is who will listen to me.

I’d forgotten that you don’t like to be challenged. That you verbally attack until we are all submissive little cats. I’d forgotten you were like that.

When I make you happy you love me and show me off like I’m you’re own. When there’s more to my head than wall flower sighs I am sat in the corner until I can quiet my mind. 

You don’t like that I write. But you read it like a sinner reads the bible. You don’t like when I stand up for my thoughts, but you say you want a challenge. 

You want a light switch kind of girl, you can choose when I lighten and darken your world. 

I’d forgotten you were like that. You’ve mistaken me for a girl who likes to get verbally smacked. Who likes to be told how to speak, how to act. 

You will miss me when you’re alone in the dark. You will miss the honesty you had in me; you will miss my calm; you will miss how a strong person behaves; you will miss me when I’m gone. 

There will be many more ignorant girls. The only ones who will tolerate your rule. What you say has to go or they get left on the curb. You will always want for more, you only want ignorant girls. 


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