Empty House.

I’ve given you so many chances. You hurt me you leave me, you do it again. You attacked me and told me I was worth less than dirt. You were vicious and clawed at my world.

Only little boys pout when they don’t get their way. If he loved me then he’d have the courage to tell me to my face instead of running away.

I lay my cards on your table. You aren’t a game to me. You twist my words and warp my truths. You aren’t fighting for us, you’re fighting for you. 

You throw sticks and stones; you say you want a challenge but we both know you don’t. 

You want a quiet girl who waits for you to call. You want a silent siren that can’t disagree at all. 

You mauled and attacked me so many times…I thought you were kinder, somehow, this time. 

You said you changed. That is the first time that you’ve ever lied. You’re still viciously controlled be demons, running rabid in your head. 

I’ve never lashed at your beasts. I tried to soothe them, to know them, to take them as you are. They set their eyes on me and tried to tear me apart. 

I’m not mad at you, like I should be. You never changed and I think it’s something I’ve always seen…I miss the boy inside the cage, I miss the boy who held me close. I miss the boy who said he loved me even though I knew it wasn’t true. That was lie number two.

No boy could love a girl and so fully ignore her like you do. I’m not perfect or always right, but for you I was always trying to fight. I love the home I have built with all my words; yours is empty, silent, you don’t have a home to calls yours. 


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