I Once Was A Violin.

I’m no longer any on else’s violin. I remember so well how I was his perfectly tuned play thing.

He kept me in the dark and showed me off–should I play wrong, he’d pack me up until I learned the song.

I remember being a beautiful instrument for a beautiful man. He was skilled, he was handsome, and I played beautifully in his hands. 

But slowly I learned to play in my own key. His untrained fingers lost their ability to play me. I left him alone a very long time ago. 

But I play a pretty song. It’s haunting, it’s different, it’s brought another beautiful violinist along…

He loved me perfectly,  he sang to me, made me hum to him right back. I never wanted anything from him, he was everything I thought I lacked. 

He only played when he wanted a song. If he didn’t need my melody I wasn’t allowed to sing. I quieted my music, sat in the dark until my song was once more a need.

I forgot that violins aren’t meant to sit in a velvet case. Violins swell too beautifully to not be allowed to take up space.

If I’m out of tune he shuts the lid, I’m in the dark, he won’t hear me because of what he thinks I did. 

I want to sing but he doesn’t want to hear from me.

For what’s the purpose of a violin if it’s not allowed to sing?


14 thoughts on “I Once Was A Violin.

  1. Indeed.
    And such a beautiful sound!
    But he thought you did something you didn’t? and so he won’t hear you?
    hmmm waddup with that? (NB I don’t normally talk like this, it just kind of came out haha)

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    1. I have too many friends and he couldn’t deal with it. It’s the second time we’ve dated and the same reason we broke up. He doesn’t like when I’m mad or upset; he won’t talk to me when I’m upset. Fairweather friend, I suppose. Lesson learned. I’m surprisingly ok. I don’t want someone who runs away at the first sign of confrontation.

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      1. Oh dear…that is definitely a red flag with the friend thing, for starters.
        Sounds like he does have some growing to do. You’re right, you don’t need that. He should so be enjoying your beautiful song!

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      2. You are most welcome. And I am glad you like you. So important!
        I was married too young imho, and wish I were wiser at the time. My mum said years ago she thought there should be law that no one married under the age of 30…I laughed so hard at her, but now I am thinking she was on to something. At least for men 😉

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      3. My mother is an awesome lady. She also thinks that mothers spoil their sons and make it hard for them to be good to women in their relationships…that is a whole other conversation 🙂

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