Men drown in caverns where they drink. They swallow the fire and let their hearts sink. Men don’t always notice when they are drowning. 

The waters are warm and calm. Men dose beneath hoping for a calm mind. They don’t come up for air and they won’t remember to this time. 

I don’t want to drown. Sometimes men slide into a coma in their caverns and forget to breath. They forget what they need.

Men drown themselves when they get lost, sometimes. They don’t want to be wrong so they refuse to realize. Sometimes they give up instead of swimming out. 

I’m afraid of the dark and I hate being underground. Sometimes men begin to drown. 


9 thoughts on “Men.

  1. Truth. Intuitively observant, per the now long-emerging cultural standard. Men are foolish, end of day; and, like rabbits, they are given to chase. Not all. But most. It’s a hard-wired frailty. To be more than a matter of conquest, real chutzpah is required. Fortunately, life and heartache both have a way with imparting the lesson…

    Enjoy your work. Please, carry it forward…

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  2. I have been the rabbit, my lady. Literally, you describe the me in your piece who swam 15 years ago. Listen, and trust this: we grow up. Men. We learn to swim. Your faith is NOT ill-invested. He waits for you at the shoreline. This, I promise. Seek him. Life, like a hammer, has beaten the ground and laid flat the earth. There, he will wait for you. There is one who has what it takes to win you. As a father of three incredibly breath-stealing girls, I promise. He will have learned what he needs to by the time he holds you.


  3. I know you, Jazzy. I see you in my all of my girls, regardless the mistakes. Trust me, everything you believe….is worth the faith. Dry your eyes, lift your chin, and BELIEVE. It ALL comes down to what you believe. Truth. Love. Freedom. It’s real. If anyone encourages you to believe otherwise, then they have fallen short. TRUST YOURSELF. I wish I had.

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