It’s an open field with treeline all around. It’s the fog rolling in absorbing all of the sound.

Standing alone in the empty clouds I know how you feel in your head. Shades of gray muddle the light and you are lost and won’t put up a fight. 

She’s a lost little girl with hurt from more than one world. Reach to get out but the sky keeps tumbling down.

Follow those dreams and risk losing everything. Soak in the rain and don’t forget how to sing. They only listen when she sings. Rock-a-bye-baby in the tree top, I’ll give you my all until my heart stops. 

Fog swirls in and the cusp of sane and forgiveness is smeared. I want to reach, I want to fall, I want to leave but I don’t want to at all.

And when the bough breaks, your cradle will fall, I don’t know how to catch you I’m just learning to crawl.


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