When I fell in love with you you never stood a chance.  

You’re everywhere and there is no way to take it back.  When my pen falls blindly onto paper,  you will always be.  All of the you’s can’t escape me. 

The battle field isn’t even and I’m writing down the truths.  You can’t wave white flags and have the words disappear into the blue.  

You are immortal and you cannot die.  Your curse and your gift. Your truths and your lies.  Forever on pages that are read line by line by line. 

The is no escaping Fate just as there is no escaping me.  You don’t have to read it to know that it’s been sewn into all of the seams.  

I have let you in my head and you have settled like dust inside my uncleaned heart.  I’ve loved you enough to immortalize who I thought you are.



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