I win. 

Oh, but you forget how I always win. Don’t you remember it’s me that is engrained in your skin?

You came creeping in like I’d forget all your indiscretions. Like I’d forget how you threw me out and not learn my lesson. 

Two times was two too many chances and you seem to think saying you’re finished with her will sweep me of my steady feet. 

Go fuck yourself. Go fuck up your life. You can’t have any bit of mine. She’ll take you back in time.

Did you think “I’m sorry,” was enough to repair the damage you wrought? Stiches had to be made. Infections tried to make me rot. Do you think you can come back and I’d fall into everything you’re not?

Because you’re not kind or sweet. You are not caring or even functioning. You’re a broken old toy that no one wants to use. You messed up and did nothing but abuse. 

Go fuck yourself. Go fuck up your own life. Did you really think I’d make the same mistake more than twice?

I win. Again.


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