Big White Truck.

He follows through. 

I probably sound childish when I continually ask if we are still doing what we planned to do.

I never realized how accustomed I was to broken promises and feigned forgetfulness…I never realized the others trained me to expect so much less. 

I let his demons keep him chained. I let green eyes rule me and almost forgot my name. 

He doesn’t make me wonder if he remembers we have plans. He doesn’t let me open my own car door and likes to hold my hand

I barely know this man who puts you all to shame. He understands that follow through isn’t a chore, it’s just how he was raised. 

Both of you liked to put me in the corner in between the walls. I was a naughty child when I was upset that you didn’t follow through at all. 

He barely knows me and he treats me like I’m worthy. Like I matter more than his phone and more than either of you ever showed. 

I’d forgotten what an unbroken promise felt like. He doesn’t have to try to be kind. He is practically a stranger and yet I know I’m not wasting my time.


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