Tiptoe in the shadows that you were born from. I know you’re there. Hiding, lying, deciding the best way to ooze back in. 

You’ve lost the boy you’re supposed to be attached to. A shadow that grew much too soon. 

But who will teach you a lesson? You steal from the aisles and keep getting told ‘no’, but no one turns around and takes you home. You throw tantrums like I’ve never known. But no one ever turns around and takes you home. 

We raised you to be spoiled. We let you leave the boy and creep along the walls. We let you become just a shadow and hid you from the light. 

We are not solely to blame. You knew it wasn’t right. 

You get to stay a shadow because everyone always keeps it night. 


6 thoughts on “Shadow.

  1. Awesomely worded truth.
    And then, the times the light is switched on, it gets too hard, so the lights are turned back off.
    I got a visit from a friend yesterday who is going through this, you could have honestly written this for them 🙂 Well, not the details, but the immaturity.

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      1. You’re so sweet. That means a lot to me too! And let me assure you, you ain’t no ditherer. I really admire your ability to express things so creatively but also so incisively. It’s always well done imho.

        Liked by 1 person

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