Each card is a part of a whole. Minute pictures into my very soul. 

Remember when you cried when I read your cards? You had to sit on the stairs and gather yourself. Learning about yourself can be terribly hard. 

Each sage filled breath calms me to my core. I need to read the cards to remind me that you weren’t what love is for. 

I’m brought back deeply inside myself. They are interpreting my soul and I take care to understand them and know. I know me better than you’ll ever know yourself. 

The phrase, “I don’t know,” was always a Fool’s favorite feast. You’d be saddened to know you know yourself the least. You always played the Fool and left the truth in more than one piece.

My final draw was the Ace of Cups…love, intuition, a force to be reckoned with. There is no faking Fate. There is no faking this. The final draw was perfectly timed and I won’t make the same mistake.


12 thoughts on “Tarot.

    1. Haha there are no hearts. Closest to “hearts” are the Cups. Any card with Cups are about the heart, love, emotion. I love reading tarot. It’s so introspective. It really makes you look at your life in ways you don’t always want to.

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      1. I don’t know how to distance read tarot haha. Part of what makes it work is getting your essence on the cards by touching amd picking the ones that feel right. I don’t know how you’d pick them :/

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  1. I used to read! It got too spooky for everyone around me, though! So I stopped they kept fearing I was awakening spirits and such. I began reading to find the meaning to my dreams and visions. I’d had since early ages , some were reoccurring, but I still dream. Great piece! 😉

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