New Season.

I don’t think you can break what was already broken.

The pieces aren’t jagged anymore, they don’t puncture me from the inside, I’ve been fine for a long time. 

If the pieces aren’t bound together right away, they grow back gnarled and frayed. I grew back long ago, a sharper angle, more of a kaleidoscope. 

The pieces fall and gather in colors and waves, it’s lovely but it’s still broken. Still not quite right in some way. 

I want to say my heart is broken; that I’m shattered on the floor. But I don’t feel things like that anymore. I haven’t felt much from these old broken pieces that you left for me. I try to cry but there is nothing there to see.

I’ll give you the credit where it is due. The colors were torn from me by you. I haven’t had Summer since 2 Winters ago. The seasons don’t turn, and you ought to know. 

This stretch was just another turn of the Moon, I learned long ago that this was all I could expect from you. Moving south the seasons don’t need to change. 

Anywhere you are always stays the same. 

You will never leave. You will never change. 


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