Narrow road.

You think it’s a two way street. That giving unlimited chances is love. He lies, gets caught, repeat. 

There isn’t a compromise or reassessing the map. Why pull over when you can drive like that? He cheats, he lies, he doesn’t have to take take his hand from your lap. 

It’s a one way road with treacherous holes and a stunt car driver with a need for speed. It isn’t a compromise when he gets to tell lies and you either swallow or leave. It’s not a compromise when he gets everything he needs. It’s not a two way road and splatters of yellow paint don’t make it it so. 

It doesn’t make a person strong when they let the driver steer them wrong; then they close their eyes and pray. It doesn’t make it alright that you have to hope that maybe this time…He’ll stay. 

You can tuck and roll and know he won’t pull over to the side of the road. He can cheat and he can lie, he can put his hands on you and make you terrified, he gets the keys and gets to drive. 

This one way street doesn’t look very wide. 


10 thoughts on “Narrow road.

  1. Please continue to fight for your friend’s well-being. She can’t see it yet, but she knows you are right. Don’t be “patient” and let it go on. She needs your help. Thanks for being there for her.


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