She doesn’t motivate you. She doesn’t care. You use her for the money and you make fun of her hair. 

You held my hand when you told me all of this. As if talking poorly about another woman makes you look like something I will sorely miss. 

You held my hand and said you love me true, I know that true is futile. I know your love is volitle. You love that new word as it smolders on your lips. You say I’m smart and only I can talk you off your cliffs. 

You are weak because you are so afraid of being alone. You told me this is why you can’t ever leave home. You can’t half love two separate people. We both agreed. You settle for familiarity because your fear fills you with greed. 

Yesterday was yesterday for a reason, I believe. Those license plates spoke through the cosmos and good fortune is something you don’t heed. 

A water sign and a fire sign can make smoke and can make rain. But I’d rather burn alone than play childish games. Oh, you’ll come back, you always do, you’re a puppet for pain. 


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