She had fear in her voice and it was ripping through her body. A fear that alone she would be nobody.

 She quaked with the burden that we have been force fed since we could talk. She spoke out her heart and I’ve had the same thought. 

Thank god for my mother and how I was raised. My mind isn’t warped into thinking that not having a man makes me lesser at a certain age.

I knew exactly how she felt. Cast aside, unwanted, a lovable doll forgotten on a very high shelf. 

I’m not a doll or a lovely play thing. I’ll be on my own and find happiness in my own skin. I won’t take scraps because I’m afraid to turn on the stove. I don’t settle because that is what society has told. 

I heard the hurt and knew the break, I was there once before and chose not to make the same mistake. Again. 

I hate to think the world has won; Convinced more than just her that a woman must have someone. 

Whole and alone, freedom suits me and I won’t give up anything for half the heart of anyone. 


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