The violins inside her swell as night raises up the moon. A sliver in the sky, a tear amongst the blue–the planets have lined up and she has the perfect opening to jump.

Jupiter is in her bedroom window. Luck is pouring in her face; spilling down her front, stain his shirt and blur his face. 

The universe doesn’t leave their family behind. They molded her, shaped her, filled her with the dust to lead her. 

As Winter fades into the darkened past and the sky changes constellations she has read the planets each and every night. 

Follow, stay, leave, I’ve left before and chosen me. Come or go, but I won’t sacrifice me so you can more calmly sleep. I don’t need anyone but two little mermaids who taught me how to swim in the deep.

July is close. My splitting heart needs those little girls to make it whole. Jupiter in my window winks and knows. Summer skies will take me home. 


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