It’s hard to ease your own mind when the world is seeping in all around you. 

It’s hard to unmuddle your mind when everything seems to come unglued. 

I’ve been through Hell and I’ve come out unfeeling. I’ve let the flames lick my skin and ruin my eyes and I was born again. 

I’m beautifully tainted and scarred. You are mesmerized by the distraction that you and I are. You say you love this angel but we both know that heaven threw her out long ago. She’s not an angel and saying you love her doesn’t make it so.

She keeps you from being too afraid of the dark. Sleep in her bed, distract yourself from the shadows that are creeping out of your heart. 

Love shouldn’t be twists and hot brands, it shouldn’t be volitle or ladened with lies. I’ve become accustomed to how demons dance. How they play and how they take all the chances. 

You say you love an angel and that you want to move away…but you can’t run from the chaos that riddles your brain, trust me, I’ve tried and here we are again. 



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