I learned that deep waters make mermaids and often sirens. I learned by wading too far from the sand that waves and open sky were better than holding on to hands.

I’ve sang down a ship or two…wrecked more than a few. Singing is what I do. I used to gain legs on land but that was too much lying for my salty taste. Mermaids, sirens, we are basically  all the same. Lonely notes turn into undertow, spinning compasses and breaking bows. 

My waters have long since been calm. Fishermen will always search for their next great fish…but my waters are calm and mermaids don’t grant wishes. 

I wish I could fix your head, change your ways, teach a grown man how to behave… Happiness can’t be found in struggles in your nets. It’s not what you can take and get. 

I don’t know how to teach you to swim. You’re too heavy and afraid of the deep monsters within. 

Deep waters teach you how to swim.

15 thoughts on “Swim.

      1. Reading my writing then posting another quote?! Yes. Literature makes me swoon and taking the time to read and comment and reflect on what I’ve written with MORE writing?! Don’t be silly, Mr. Clever, of course “really!”

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