Dig out.

Why do we look for happiness in the last place we lost it? 

Digging through the trash won’t make it less forgotten.

Feverishly digging and clawing deeper in to filth hoping to find it where we dropped it.

That happiness is long gone–and so is the girl who lost it. That thrill of your chase is long lost–and so are the fingers that held it.

You’re a far away song and I’ve been looking all wrong. I can’t find happiness where I last dropped it. Can’t find it in the trash and I won’t let go by looking back. I’m letting go…I need you to know…

That happiness I had is something I don’t think you can give back and I won’t find it by reversing down our track. 

I can’t find happiness where I last lost it.

You belong in the past and I won’t go digging through trash trying to get it back.


7 thoughts on “Dig out.

    1. You are much too kind!!! Thank you!!! Can’t take all the credit; heard a quote on my favorite TV show and she said “why do people always look for happiness where they last had it?” Life changed.


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