Tonight  was a step down paths I didn’t think I would ever pack for. I laid out a bag for you and filled it with every thought and every truth. I don’t know if you heard me, but I needed to set those weights loose. 

You will always choose to wade in shallows because you are too afraid of monsters in the deep. You know that you’re the monster and that you never learned to swim. I know now that’s how sirens lured you in. 

Tonight I left a ticket in your hands. I knew you’d never use it, you’re too afraid to leave those dampened sands. I didn’t cry and I didn’t beg, rather, I told you that you don’t deserve me or us or any of the poetry I’ve said. 

You’ll never be grown enough to ever leave home. A scared little boy with small ideas about the unknown. You can “work” on smoothing out your lies to her but they will still be lies. You will always be too terrified of goodbyes. 

I took a step I thought I’d never take. I said my heart and my voice didn’t even shake. When fire starts to fall from the sky and burn your beaches into glass, I’ll be far from the shore and you’ll realize it’s too late to ask. 


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