Wreck Me.

My car broke into a million pieces on the pavement. Glass and plastic flew like shrapnel from your former days. 

You were the last person I thought would show up. But you did. All I remember was a teary haze. 

You came and held me together while I grasped desperately to the glue. You said you’d come home with me, you’d hold me close, that’s all you wanted to do.

Splayed along the road were bits of cars and broken hearts, shattered lights, destroyed body parts. You came through and that is the last thing I ever thought you’d do… 

But you didn’t follow through with the plan and you didn’t do exactly what you said….I’m here hysterically wounded, alone, in bed. There  were fragments and remnants of my car and me left freezing in February streets. Where you came to save me. 

Where you left me. Where you will always leave me. I shouldn’t be hurt by the truth I don’t want to see. 


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