I hope on these cold nights the words make sparks and light an ember in your dying heart. I know you’re lost and waging wars on all of your old conquerors. I know you find these words and wonder if it still actually hurts and if you are not alone. 

You wonder if you’ll ever find a home. 

I hope that ember glows and catches something dry,one day. I hope the flames lick and slowly creep up your throat and ignite your brain. I want for you to realize that you will always stay the same unless you burn the parts that don’t let you take the blame.

I hope you’re warm on more than the outside on nights like this. That blankets can’t make your cold heart melt. I hope the words cause friction in your head and remind you what you miss. There aren’t enough blankets to cover up what you felt. 

I could light forests for what I felt for you. I hope these words spark just a bit of the hope you’re lacking. I want flames for you, too. I could destroy empires with the passion I hold inside for you. I just hope you start your own fire and don’t forget to change for you. 

I know you keep finding your way back here. I know you’re lost and waging wars. Just know these words will always be near and that I’m not the type to settle scores. 


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