No Air.

You live a circle and the rings are throwing you into loops. You have long lost the notion of which way is up and what words are true. Chaos spills from your mouth and no one knows what is honest…not even you.

There must be so many gnarled roots inside of your heart. Only a shovel and some rain can give you a fresh start. 

Your soil doesn’t let things grow anymore. Your trees are wilted and your birds don’t sing. You live in a wasteland and don’t remember the Spring. 

I’m not mad anymore, I’m not hurt. I can’t imagine the nothing you have and just want to give you dirt. 

Your world is twisted and round. You live the same day over and over and don’t mind what is overgrown. Even too many leaves can cause a plant to drown.

You are smothering yourself and have too much apathy to care. You just won’t breathe and hope you won’t need air. 


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