How I know the Universe has my back. 

So. I don’t usually post “blog” style posts because I, myself, hate to read them. But tonight there are too many thoughts to make into lyrics. 

I took some asinine facebook quiz about what your animal guide is. (Yes, I know. Save the eye rolls). One of the questions was would you rather…and to choose from the following:

Have someone else’s life.


Keep your own life.

I sat on that question and racked my brain for people whose life I wanted. Rich people, models, authors, my sisters, my mom, Michelle Obama…? 

I still can’t walk properly after my ankle surgery, it’s still healing, my last boyfriend cheated on me and viciously verbally attacked me, another ex came out of the wood work selfishly to mess with my head, I can’t move away until I’m done with doctors appointments and physical therapy, I miss my nieces to the point it hurts my soul, my heart is in constant shambles,  the list goes on. I digress. 

I piled on all the bad shit that sucks in my life and tried to think who I wanted to be instead.

And I still want to be me. 

I love me. It could be selfish to think I’m so great I don’t want to be anyone else. If it is, I don’t care. I love everything about myself (most days) and I don’t know a single person who has friends like mine. People who are brothers and sisters without a drop of shared blood. 

I’m a fire sign not because of the stars I was born under but because I make my own flames. I burn despite the set backs, despite the liars, despite literal breaks, despite figurative breaks. 

Wanna known my animal guardian/guide from the 28 question quiz? A centaur. 

Did I tell you I have a centaur tattoo? 

You can’t fake Fate. 


9 thoughts on “How I know the Universe has my back. 

    1. You are awesome!! I love knowing other women out there care about themselves enough to choose themselves. It can be hard as hell but that’s what make sis extraordinary 👭💪
      And you can call me Natalie 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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